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C&N Sporting Risk combines its expertise in predictive modelling with the demands of multi-million-pound organisations in professional sports, to offer a niche and exciting product portfolio, designed to meet the needs of each of its individual clients.

Having initially specialised in football, the company now has an active foothold in industries both directly and indirectly active within several professional sports, both in the UK and US.

The company’s extensive data collection, data science and software engineering team facilitates the provision of an extensive range of services to all clients contracted with.




Pricing of Risk for Insurance Companies

Utilising sophisticated predictive modelling, the company provides both pricing services and new product creation to insurance companies wishing to accurately price the risk of expected outcomes in professional sport.


Consultancy to Professional Football Clubs & 3rd Parties

The outputs from Sporting Risk's descriptive and predictive modelling facilitate the delivery of bespoke services, and in turn long-term strategic planning advice, for a small number of professional clubs and 3rd parties.


Pricing, Risk Management
& Trade Execution for
Sports Betting Markets

The predictive models created generate accurate pricing of both short and long term sports markets, and thus, in turn, identify where there are inefficiencies in the market that can be taken advantage of.


Creation of Products & Analytical Content for Bookmakers & Media Outlets

Sporting Risk's descriptive models generate a wealth of interesting information that is used to generate new feeds, tools, games or analytical content for large organisations to deliver to their consumers.


Data Collection
& Distribution

The company collects and supplies complete x,y coordinate and time stamped event data for over 100 football leagues across the world, as well as the equivalent in-depth data for a range of US Sports.



Within our Consumer Product Division, we have created BetItRight; Your go to source for analytical sports betting content. It covers all the biggest leagues in world football helping you to bet, better.



C&N Sporting Risk
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